For many years, valves have been required to operate and withstanding the harsh environment of low temperatures down to -196°C to provide critical isolation in industries such as LNG, LPG, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. In more recent years thanks largely to the requirement for speed of operation the users ‘first choice’ has been quarter turn valves and more commonly the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve.

With the Hobbs range of cryogenic butterfly valves you have the complete package for Cryogenic duties including; leak tight isolation, throttling and flow control along with quick operation due to its ¼ turn design.


  • The zero leakage performance by means of its unique sealing principle and our triple off set concept allow full isolation to be maintained at cryogenic.
  • Given that the Hobbs Cryogenic valve does not have open cavities; fluids are unable to remain trapped after the valve is operated.
  • The metal to metal sealing is virtually unaffected by very low temperatures; the valve performance and the operating torque are identical at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.
  • The Hobbs one piece Shaft design ensures there is no potential of Stem failure.
  • Extended Bonnet comprising of an adequate gas column to keep the Shaft (Stem) packing away from cryogenic fluids. Generally supplied in a fabricated or cast condition with a minimum length of 250mm, Hobbs design capabilities allows us to provide solutions to your specific needs.
  • The quarter turn operation provides lower fugitive emissions than that of rising or multi-turn type valves.
  • The Extension Bonnet is connected to the valve by an ANSI standard flange connection.

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