• Modular design
  • Maintenance free, self-adjusting PTFE V-ring packing as standard
  • Patented, zero-emission, multi-layered bellows technology guarantees a minimum of 100,000 full cycles
  • Straight-threaded seat design requires no gaskets, cage or other seals
  • Only four parts required to rebuild the valve: seat, plug, body gasket and packing
  • Integral attachment of digital/analog or pneumatic positioners eliminates tubing and damage to linkages
  • Actuator, together with positioner, can be rotated a complete 360°
  • Field-reversible, multi-spring diaphragm actuator allows changing of fail-safe without extra parts
  • Multi-spring actuator reduces height and weight of valve
  • Face-to-face dimensions according to ISA S75.03 allows interchangeability with other control valves


At Cambrian, we are able to offer a full range of control valves, built and tested to your specification and needs.  Please contact us for more details. 


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