The Cambrian MT Series rack & pinion pneumatic actuators continue the Max-Air tradition of easy integration, flexible customisation, and reliable operation. Features include two ISO bolt circle patterns drilled directly in the body, NAMUR standard mounting for accessories, and our patented ±10°adjustment for the open/closed positions, all backed by the best unlimited cycle life warranty.

Norbro Actuators

Norbro Actuators are designed to provide high performance, combining reliability, long life and ease of maintenance with operational safety and a modular design concept which allows simple attachment of a variety of accessories. The Norbro 40R Series brings all of these factors together to provide the finest pneumatic actuator available today. More recently Norbro has added two variants to its pneumatic actuator range - the Series 61 two-stage actuator for dosing applications and the Series 33, a 180 degree actuator.


At Cambrian, we are able to offer a full range of actuators.  Please contact us for more details.


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